Vacuum conveyor systems

“In the case of a vacuum conveying system, in contrast to traditional mechanical conveying, the material is conveyed from one point to another with the help of air flowing under the influence of vacuum. It is possible to transport most dry, solid, fine powder or materials of smaller or larger particle sizes. The most common areas of use are the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the plastics industry.

The most common products delivered with a vacuum system:
flour, sugar, whole grain, coffee, plastic granules, metal powder, pharmaceutical ingredients, tablets, capsules”

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Vacuum conveyor systems

The range includes types intended for general industrial use (piFLOW®i), units with food industry compliance (piFLOW®f), high-performance acid-resistant equipment (piFLOW®p) and tablet conveyors specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry (piFLOW®t).

vakuum transport tabela

Technical characteristics:

  • The transport capacity ranges from a few kilograms to a capacity of 15 tons/hour*.
  • A total distance of 60 meters, including a maximum lifting height of 20 meters.
  • The possible particle size is from 0.5 micron to 30 mm in diameter.
  • The density of the material to be transported is from 0.1 gram to 9 kg/liter.

*performance depends on the transport length and the density of the material

Product benefits:

  • Thanks to its compact size, it requires little space and can be easily installed.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance due to its modular construction.
  • Simple installation and reliable operation thanks to its fully pneumatic operation.
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to highly efficient filters.
  • Being a closed system, dust and loss-free material transport.
  • Meets food industry and pharmaceutical industry requirements.

Our company undertakes the design and construction of complete vacuum conveyor systems.

Vakuum transport praškastih materijala
Vakuum transport zrnastih materijala
Vakuum transport drobljenih materijala

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