Modular conveyor tracks

The products of company Faber complement very well the Elcom product range that has been sold so far, so it is much easier for us to find the customer’s needs. Faber has been a major supplier to the French industry for many years, but with the merger, they are now moving to an international level, and with their more than 30 years of experience in the field of modular tracks, they offer excellent solutions.

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Modular conveyor tracks


  • Also available in stainless steel (Flexinox)
  • Ideal for conveying packaged goods, including for the food industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  • A quiet, economical solution that can be easily expanded
  • Optional curves, both horizontal and vertical.
  • Short delivery time
    Width: 45-300 mm


  • Special modular conveyor belt, easy to assemble and clean.
  • Ideal for transporting packaged goods, including for the food industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry, for a wider range of products.
  • Straight or fixed radius
    Width: 230-650mm


  • A track equipped with balls or rollers on which the product can be rolled out, accelerated and turned
  • The balls/rollers in the chain are controlled by belts built under the track body.
  • Ideal for special application areas, for all industries using packaged products.
  • Only straight conveyor tracks can be built from it
  • Width: from 165mm in a wide range


  • High load capacity
  • A steel chain version is also available, for use in high temperatures and abrasive environments.
  • It is also ideal for moving heavier machined parts where there is an oily, polluted environment (automotive industry, heavy industry, etc.)
  • Width: 70-196 mm
Our company undertakes the design and construction of complete modular conveyor systems.
flextoo transporter sa modularnom trakom
primer transportera sa modularnom trakom
CAB modularna transportna linija

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Catalog Download