Roller conveyor tracks

The field of use of roller tracks is quite wide. Broadly, it can be said that the main field of application is the conveying of unit packages, boxes and pallets with a flat surface manually, by gravity or in an automated way. Our company offers several solutions for the implementation of tasks

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Roller conveyor tracks

ELCOM D50 steel roller tracks

  • The roller tracks are built on an Item compatible aluminum profile system with 8 knots.
  • Free-running or driven version.
  • Curved tracks are available in both versions with an inner radius of R=780 mm
  • Available widths 350, 450, 550, 650 mm.
  • Load max. 6kg / roller
  • Driven version has a rubber belt drive
  • Available speeds 6-7-9-12-18-24 m/min.
  • Available options: side guide, stopwatches, acceleration section (conveyor speed x 1.25)

D50 roller track

  • Driven or free running design
  • Drive with chain or rubber belt
  • Roller material is plastic (PVC) or anodized aluminum.
  • Freely chosen width between 50-600 mm (Alu) and 50-400 mm (PVC)
  • Load capacity 100 kg (Alu) and 40 kg (PVC) on our castors

D32 roller track

  • Free running design only
  • Roller material is plastic (PVC) or anodized aluminum.
  • Freely chosen width between 150-800 mm (Alu) and 150-500 mm (PVC).
  • Load capacity 10 kg (Alu) and 5 kg (PVC) per roller

Roller rails

  • For Lean systems, Kan-ban racks in gravity design
  • For connecting assembly workplaces to transfer pallets in manual or automatic mode.
  • Modular roller track with rollers, balls and sliding elements that can be changed with one movement.
  • Economical bent steel frame roller tracks in different widths
  • The roller tracks can also be built from the D30/D28 profile system with a rectangular or circular cross-section.
Our company undertakes the design, construction and on-site installation of roller tracks.
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