Pallet conveyor systems

Pallet or transfer tracks are typical conveying equipment for serial production, where a product is partially or fully assembled from parts using manual and automated tools. The assembly takes place on pallets, the products are made in one cycle. Pallets traveling on double belt tracks are stopped with stopwatches at the various work phases. Manual and automatic workplaces can follow each other in any order. At automatic workplaces, we can position the workpieces with an accuracy of +- 0.03 mm. On the track, the pallets are guided and controlled by special spring pins. This solution is unique on the market, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the system, and the control of the system can be solved in a much simpler way, thus reducing the probability of failure and the need for maintenance. Until now, the system has been serviced pneumatically, but as a novelty, the purely electrically controlled 24V system is now available, where again significant energy savings can be achieved. It is possible to assemble several products of similar size at the same time. The size of the pallets can vary from 100 x 100 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm.

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Pallet conveyor systems

TLM 1000

  • For Item compatible profile with 5-button system
  • The size of pallets is 105×105 and 105×155 mm
  • Load capacity max. 2 kg
  • Drive in flat or toothed belt design
  • Selectable speed 10-15-20 m/min (12-16 m/min with toothed belt)
  • Max. conveyor length 3160 mm

TLM 1500

  • For Item compatible profile with 5-button system
  • The size of pallets is 155×155 mm
  • Load capacity max. 4 kg
  • Drive in toothed belt design
  • Selectable speed 12-16 m/min
  • Max. conveyor length 3160 mm

TLM 2000

  • For Item compatible profile with 8-knot system
  • Pallet size 200×200, 200×250, 200×300, 300×300, 300×400, 400×400 mm
  • Load capacity max. 10 kg
  • Drive in flat or toothed belt design
  • Selectable speed 9-15-19 m/min
  • Max. conveyor length 6250 mm

TLM 5000

  • For Item compatible profile with 8-knot system
  • Pallets size 500×500, 500×800, 500×1000, 600×600, 600×800, 600×1000, 800×800, 1000×1000 mm made of different materials (aluminum profile, aluminum sheet, steel sheet, plastic sheet , plywood sheet)
  • Load capacity max. 50 kg
  • Drive special inflatable toothed belt conveyor
  • Selectable speed 10-12 m/min
  • Max. conveyor length 6000 mm
  • Its operating principle differs from the smaller
  • TLM systems (the pallets are not guided by Pins, but instead they roll on rollers in order to withstand the greater load and are transported by an inflatable conveyor.

Our company undertakes the production of pallet tracks at the layout level. Conveyors with motors and gears are assembled at the manufacturer, where the finished system is assembled and tested. After that, it is broken down into conveyor units and delivered to the customer’s premises. Additional equipment, such as stopwatches, positioning units, translators, sensors, etc., are delivered in separate packaging. These are placed in the appropriate position at the customer’s place and are also connected here. It is not necessary or recommended to install a frequency converter for the motors operating the conveyor, as the belts continuously move at a fixed speed during operation.

TLM2000 paletni sistem
TLM2000 paletni transporter
TLM2000 paletna transportna linija

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