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Less human effort, less space, less resources and shorter lead times.

Simple, yet intelligent automation processes based on physical laws.

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Lean is an approach based on the TPS method (Toyota Production System) that can be used not only in production, but in the operation of the entire company. Instead of improvements carried out at independent points, losses eliminated along the entire value chain result in less human effort, less space, less resources, and shorter lead times.

The products and services produced in this way can be created with significantly less cost and scrap, compared to traditional business systems. According to the Kaizen philosophy applied in lean manufacturing, we do not improve one step of the process to a large extent, but improve all steps to make our entire process better. By using Lean profile systems, the installation and conversion time of auxiliary equipment required for production is significantly reduced.

Karakuri is an automation mechanism that was invented in Japan in the 17th to 19th century. Karakuri, which defines the lean philosophy for decades, means simple, yet intelligent automation processes based on physical laws with no drives, sensors, electricity, or compressed air. The point is to use resources that are already given on the one hand the already existing plant, parts, and subassemblies, and on the other hand the creativity of the workforce on-site.

Karakuri is cheaper than a conventional automated system. Its operation does not require a continuous external energy source. Only require minimal, quick and easy maintenance.

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Ideal for implementing the Kaizen philosophy (CIP).
Assemblies with a fast, solution-oriented construction
long-term reliability, but at the same time flexible and fast adaptability
Racks and shelves with FIFO and flow-through systems
Karakuri and LCA frames
Light weight work tables
Pallet and roller conveyor systems
LEAN - Karakuri
LEAN - Karakuri
LEAN - Karakuri
LEAN - Karakuri

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