Cylinder Production

Is the cylinder broken, the machine stopped, is the production interrupted?
Is every minute of downtime a serious loss?
Does the machine have a pneumatic cylinder with a unique stroke length?

We have the Solution!

How can we help you?

We at Tech-Con have been providing fast and high-quality solutions to the above challenges for years. With a 24-hour commitment period, we manufacture ISO 21287 Compact, ISO 15552 Standard, and ISO 6432 Mini pneumatic cylinders at our site, even with individual stroke lengths.

Our offer you advice to make a competent choice. From stock we can support you with accessories such as sensors, mounting elements and related accessories available in. 

The pneumatic cylinders are assembled in our warehouse and reach your production line in a maximum of 24 hours.

The quality of our products results from the use of high quality materials and the selection of exclusive suppliers who bring added value to your project.

What we offer?

Custom Cylinders

We also manufacture cylinders with piston rods and threads of different sizes according to personalized needs.

Widely Applicable

Our cylinders can be used for individual applications, such as dusty, aggressive, or dirty work environments.

Fast delivery

Standard Cylinders with delivery from stock, Custom cylinders with production, in 24 hours!

Compact Cylinder
Compact Cylinder
ISO 21287 Compact Pneumatic Cylinder
Standard Cylinder
Standard Cylinder
ISO 15552 Standard Pneumatic Cylinder
Mini Cylinder
Mini Cylinder
ISO 6432 Mini Pneumatic Cylinder

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