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Tech-Con Serbia is dealing with ELCOM SAS conveyor belts, components of conveyor and modular pallet systems, representing them as an exclusive reseller on the Serbian market since 2017. During this time, we have managed to provide our customers with many solutions, whether it is a complete conveyor system or only system elements.

We provide standard and custom solutions in the field of gravity and driven conveying systems, conveyors, and pallet systems. Thanks to our adequate production capacity, our experienced design team and our optimized warehouse, we even undertake the design and construction of complete, assembled automated systems. Single or double belt, toothed belt or stepped belts and pallet systemsas well as transport systems for “low cost automation” in LEAN internal transport technology. The components can be purchased separately with a short delivery time, while the complete automation is provided with complete documentation (contact protection test, circuit diagram, technical drawing documentation, CE declaration, risk analysis) on demand.

Our company also represents one of the market leaders in vacuum technology, the Swedish Piab, in Serbia. Thus, among other things, we can provide solutions for our partners in vacuum transport equipment.

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The flat belt conveyors based on ITEM aluminum profiles are suitable for conveying everything from tiny parts to larger boxes and crates.

The products of company Faber complement very well the Elcom product range that has been sold so far, so it is much easier for us to find the customer’s needs.

Pallet or transfer tracks are typical conveying systems for serial production, where a product is partially or fully assembled from parts using manual and automated tools.

The main field of application is the conveying of unit packages, boxes and pallets with a flat surface manually, by gravity or in an automated way.

In the case of a vacuum conveying system, in contrast to traditional mechanical conveying, the material is conveyed from one point to another with the help of air flowing under the influence of vacuum.

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Ivan Milićević

Conveyor specialist

I am the regional manager at Tech-Con d.o.o. I have many years of experience in defining the needs of clients and realizing those needs in effective solutions. During this period, I was responsible for the implementation of a number of different conveyor system solutions. In addition to conveyor systems, we also design unique solutions for gravity material handling (karakuri) to help our customers optimize their production processes. With my professional help and knowledge, we will surely find the right solution for you.

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Catalog Download